Saturday, June 18, 2011

River Update - June 18

The Upper Miss at Louisiana is at 20.6, a -0.4 change in the last 24 hours. It is expected to fall gradually over the next 3 days. The MO River at Herman is just above flood stage at 21.3. MO River is projected to continue falling over the next 3 days. The 5-day forecast calls for 0.75-3.08" of rain. We ask everyone to stay informed of current conditions and take steps to minimize risk associated with flooding. For more,


There has been a lot of discussion about the rising water and what we can expect this summer. Here is some information that might help answer any questions:

Public safety remains the Corps top priority. We ask everyone to stay informed of current conditions and remember there is always risk inherent with flooding. Visit our Flood Fight web page for additional information and resources,
Current conditions and National Weather Service forecasts indicate only minor flooding is expected in the St. Louis area. However, there is always risk associated with flooding, and there is a potential for higher water if above normal rain falls in the watershed.
There are no reports of any levees overtopping in the St. Louis District. Based on current forecasts, there is no immediate threat of levees overtopping. A range of possibilities have been looked at based on average rain falling in the Missouri River Basin.
We are tracking this event and will continue to evaluate the impacts of the full-range of forecasts provided by the National Weather Service.
The St Louis District will continue to provide updated information to our partners so that levee districts, emergency managers, local and state officials, residents and businesses can make informed decisions.

For updates of Missouri River conditions in the St. Louis District, visit the following sites:
Flood Fight Webpage:

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