Friday, January 6, 2012

Waterfowl Refuges Reopen at Wappapello Lake

Asher Creek Waterfowl Refuge at Wappapello Lake.
The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers - St. Louis District at Wappapello Lake has reopened the Asher Creek and Lost Creek Waterfowl Refuges to vehicle and boat traffic that were closed for duck season.  

The gates at Warner Davis (Corps Road #9) and Lost Creek Low Water Bridge (Corps Road #8) in the Shook area and the gate on Corps Road #10 in the Davis Schoolhouse area are now open.  

The “No Boat” buoys from Asher Creek, Lost Creek, and at Lost Creek Landing have been removed.

Wappapello Lake is currently at winter pool.  Visitors are asked to please beware of shallow water hazards such as stumps and shallow mud flats.  Boaters are recommended to follow the deeper waters of the river channel marked by mid-channel buoys.  

Be prepared for emergencies and guard against hypothermia, a cold water hazard.  Layer your clothing and stay dry and out of the wind.  As with all boating excursions, please file a float plan with a friend or relative stating when you plan to leave and return, where you plan to go, and how many will be with you.  Check the weather forecast before getting underway.  Protect yourself by wearing a U. S. Coast Guard approved, properly fitted life jacket.  With so many modern styles from which to choose, being safe has never been so comfortable.

Please feel free to contact the Wappapello Lake Project Office at (573) 222-8562 with any questions you may have. 

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