Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reach, Throw, Row, but Don't Go!

Drownings occur as often in fall and spring as in the summer. Most victims that were boating never intended to go into the water. A sudden fall overboard or a boat capsizing finds the boater suddenly in the water.

What Do You Do When Someone Can’t Get Out
of the Water?
Reach, Throw, Row, but Don't Go! 
1. REACH: Hold on to the dock or your boat and reach your hand, a boat oar, a fishing pole, or whatever you have nearby, to the person

2. THROW: If you can’t reach far enough, toss things that float for the person to grab

3. ROW: If you’re in a boat, use the oars to move the boat closer to the person in the water, or call out to a nearby boat for help. Don’t use the boat’s motor close to a person in the water, they could be injured by the propeller

4. DON’T GO: Remember never enter the water to go after someone who is struggling unless you are trained in emergency water rescue only! Call out for help! 

Check out this video for more information about Reach, Throw, Row, but Don't Go! 

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