Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Contamination At Wappapello Lake

Picture of Wappapello Lake Spillway

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Wappapello Lake has recently learned of misinformation regarding E. coli contamination at Wappapello Lake.  “Our waters are fine” stated the Operations Manager Cindy Jackson.  “We tested the water to ensure its quality before opening any of our beaches.”

The water at Wappapello Lake is tested regularly regarding its quality, as the safety of our visitors is of utmost importance.  Rumors spread like wildfire this past weekend that Wappapello Lake was contaminated; which is simply not true.

Should you have any questions, individuals are encouraged to call the Wappapello Lake Management office at (573) 222-8562 to get answers to their questions.  Your safety is our concern, a mandate we do not take lightly.  We invite everyone to celebrate Independence Day activities at Wappapello Lake on July 2 which includes Waterfest, magic shows and fireworks.  Remember safety this holiday weekend, so buckle up.  Life jackets and seat belts save lives.

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